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大发彩票佳奇管理学院 attracts 学生 of the highest calibre from around the globe to its world-class programmes. Our student consultancy projects offer partners from industry, government and not-for-profit organisations the opportunity to access this exceptional pool of talent.

Consultancy projects have become the cornerstone of a number of our programmes. They give our 学生 invaluable experience of working as a consultant on a challenging 管理 issue, and the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the real world. Our partner organisations benefit from fresh 洞察力s, commitment and intellectual rigour being brought to bear on a 管理 issue that they have themselves identified. Over the years our 学生 have helped us to build an enviable reputation for delivering results of real value to our project partners. Leading organisations in many fields now collaborate with us, with new partnerships continually being developed.

Project opportunities

工商管理硕士 Consultancy 项目

Our world-class 工商管理硕士 is an innovative 管理 programme with an emphasis on 管理 practice, 团队合作和综合项目. It is designed to produce leaders who can work across disciplines and cultures, 能够应对变化的人, develop creative solutions to problems and improve performance. 它吸引了来自45个国家的学生, all with strong academic results and an average of over five years’ proven work experience. This one-year programme includes two team-based consulting projects – the 剑桥风险项目 在十一月/十二月和 全球咨询项目 在3月/ 4月-以及一个可选的 个人项目或工作安排 in the summer.


The Master of 金融 (MFin) is a post-experience degree for finance professionals. 它吸引了来自世界各地的学生, all of whom have a minimum of two years’ post-graduation finance work experience. This intensive one-year programme includes a Group 咨询 Project in the Easter vacation.

Find out more about the Master of 金融 Group 咨询 Project


The Management Studies Tripos is a one-year 管理 studies programme that attracts outstanding undergraduates from the University of 剑桥, who come to us from a variety of disciplines for the final year of their undergraduate studies. The programme concludes with a four-week project with a local organisation in May.

Find out more about the 管理研究学位项目


The MPhil in Management programme prepares 学生 for a professional career in 管理. 学生 on the programme are outstanding individuals who are likely to become leaders in their chosen fields.

The MPhil in Management Consultancy 项目 allow our 学生 to apply and practise their skills in a real-world setting. Whilst our 学生 gain valuable consultancy experience, clients benefit from an international team of bright, 积极投入的学生, focusing on an issue that they might not otherwise have had the time or resource to tackle.

Find out more about the 管理咨询项目哲学硕士

技术政策硕士 咨询 Project

The 技术政策硕士 is an intensive, nine-month masters programme designed for people with a background in science or engineering who are interested in developing the skills needed to meet the challenges of integrating technology, 管理, economics and policy.

The 技术政策硕士 Final Group 项目 are the capstone of 剑桥 技术政策硕士. The projects may cover any aspect of technology policy broadly defined, 包括公共政策, 公司战略和技术发展. Organisations may be located in any commercial, 工业, 公共部门或非盈利部门, 无论是在英国还是在海外. 项目 can include complete strategic reviews, 标杆和最佳实践分析, 多样化的评估, 新的市场策略和政策分析.

Find out more about the 技术政策硕士 Final Group Project


Project name

Next proposal deadline

Project date



Oct/Dec 2021



late March-late Apr 2022

技术政策硕士 Final Group Project


late Mar-late 2022年5月



late Mar-late Apr 2022






late Apr-early Jun 2022



Jul-Sep 2022

Project terms

In order to maximise the value of the project to our hosts and our 学生, 大发彩票开奖网要求他们都遵守大发彩票开奖网的项目条款. Please read these carefully before committing to a project. All 学生 subscribe to an ethical code of conduct and sign a confidentiality agreement before starting project work. Please note that this is the only agreement we may enter into.