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工商管理硕士 projects

项目 form a vital part of the 剑桥 learning experience, both team and individual projects. Our projects allow you to put your classroom learning to the test as you progress through the programme, 与广泛的同龄人一起工作, and gain valuable experience with clients from different sectors – some of which you may be considering for future career moves.  


The 剑桥风险项目 (CVP) in the first term allows you to test your learning via a market analysis for a 剑桥 or wider-UK based client. The project runs alongside the Management Praxis core course, and is designed to develop your team skills in particular. You will be allocated to a diverse team and a project client, and work with a mentor to help you deliver a valuable project outcome for your client.

Working in teams of four to five you can expect to:

  • investigate market opportunities for a new product, service or treatment
  • evaluate consumer behaviour and competitive forces in relation to these, using qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques
  • 洞察潜在战略, opportunities for commercialisation and possible routes to market.


The 全球咨询项目 (GCP) is a highlight of the 剑桥 工商管理硕士 for many, providing a valuable opportunity to apply learning, 体验新的行业或角色, travel and to build networks with a view to post-工商管理硕士 career goals. 

During the GCP small teams of 学生 consult with blue-chip multinational corporations or international organisations on a particular aspect of their business. 学生 are able to either pick their top three choices (which informs how teams are created and selected), 或者他们也可以选择自己的项目.

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Concentration Project

You will choose from one of ten Concentrations to participate in during the Easter Term (term three).


  • Culture, Arts and Media
  • Digital Transformations
  • 能源 & 环境
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Business
  • 健康 Strategies
  • 金融
  • 策略
  • 市场营销
  • Social 创新.

At the end each Concentration you will undertake a team project, in which you will present your findings in a simulated boardroom situation.

Summer Term activities

To allow you to tail或者是 工商管理硕士 towards your own individual career objectives, 大发彩票开奖网在最后一个夏季学期提供一个选择.

请注意: the 剑桥 工商管理硕士 is a 12 month 工商管理硕士 programme which runs from mid-September to mid-September. 学生 may work full-time in a work placement/internship f或者是ir summer option, but are not able to start in full-time permanent employment until mid-September, 当节目结束时.

The Individual Project (IP) gives 学生 the opportunity to experience real work as a consultant on a business problem, anywhere in the world. 学生 can use this opportunity to gain valuable experience f或者是ir CV and as a first step into their new career. 学生 can expect to work full time for six to eight weeks during July to September depending on the client’s requirements and their post-工商管理硕士 plans. The IP may cover any aspect of management and may be located in any commercial, 工业, 公共部门或非盈利组织, anywhere in the world. Recent projects have included product extension strategy for a financial services company, 对美国铁路部门的分析, branding strategy development for a national retailer and derivatives modelling. 

Work 配售 give 学生 the opportunity to gain additional knowledge and valuable experience f或者是ir CV within a sector or company of interest. They can also lead to offers of full-time employment. 学生 can expect to work full time for six to eight weeks during July to September. Previous employers offering internships include: the Financial Services Authority; Credit Suisse Private Banking; 谷歌; Amazon; and Asian Development Bank. 学生 often self-source their own internships based on their particular interests.

学生 undertaking a 研究 paper can expect to be involved in independent, in depth 研究 into an area of business management of personal interest f或者是 summer term. The deliverable will be a 3000 word paper written for a business audience similar to those appearing in publications such as Harvard Business Review 或者是 Sloan Management Review

The individual project was an excellent conclusion to the 剑桥 工商管理硕士 as it gave me the opportunity to work as an intern at 谷歌 where I could broaden my experience and apply what I had learned throughout the year.
Matt Dodds, Canada, Director of the Volaris Group